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Cannabis is an ever-growing industry that is scaling enormously across the globe. To make it relevant for people worldwide, new methods of consumption are being introduced and one such promising method is cannabis topicals.

Cannabis-infused topicals are a revolution in the industry that has made cannabis popular like never before. The ease of using the cannabis products is making the medical cannabis relevant and open to unexpected patrons as well. In this blog, we’ll look into the exact meaning of cannabis topicals, and types of cannabis topicals, whilst putting light on other aspects of it too.

Introduction to Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis topicals are the oils, sprays, gels, lotions, and creams available with the goodness of cannabis health benefits such as pain relief, anti-inflammatory properties, and correcting muscle soreness. Topicals have managed to become the hottest selling in the cannabis market. Patients are suggested to use it for therapeutic benefits too.

As it is applied to the skin so the intoxicating effects and cerebral euphoria aren’t one of the effects anymore. The purpose of these products has been redefined and people are taking the benefit of cannabis for the betterment of skin health too.

The potential of the cannabis topicals is vast and sticking to it can help the user unleash the desired benefits. The strain addition plays a major role and the added chemical compounds, cannabinoids, and essential oils come in handy for the boosted effects.

How Do Topicals Work?

Topicals are applied to the skin using a variety of transdermal methods that further work by the binding of cannabinoid receptors. There are a variety of cannabinoid receptors present in the body and cannabis compounds such as CBD & THC activate them. After an hour or less of application, you will start noticing the difference.

However, it is important to understand that active CBD or THC wouldn’t cause you high as intense as the one gained from ingesting and smoking cannabis. Topicals penetrate the skin and provide temporary relief. Different types of topicals may have slightly different intensities to heal.

Read on to learn more about its types.

Types of Topicals Canada

The increasing hype of topicals has led them to be made for having exhilarating effects,  and as a result, a variety of them are present in the marketplace to uplift the experience.


What can be easier form to apply anything than a cream? Creams are easy to apply products on the body. These are often preferred for skin health and beauty treatment. It is a water-in-oil preparation and great for fighting poor skin health. People have started moving to cannabis-infused creams and also considering these creams for getting rid of dryness from elbows, ankles, and other body parts.


Cannabis oil is the most common type of topical and also the hottest reason behind the popularity of topicals. Oil is usually of thicker consistency and can be directly put to use. These ones are the best type as you can apply them as well as ingest them orally. A teaspoonful of cannabis oil is the easy way to use it for better results.


Gels are preferred because of the cooling effect they cause and are popularly chosen as an aid to headaches. Applying a dollop of gel on the head helps you relax and relieve sinus pressure & mitigate the stress and tension easily.


When looking for quick relief, sprays are the best medication to opt for. To take it one step higher, cbd topical spray for pain or full-spectrum topical application can help you with a speedy recovery from pain.

Salves & Ointments

If you are wondering what salves & ointments are, they are as similar to creams but with added health advantages. Nevertheless, the consistency is more semisolid of salves and usually contains no water. They are mostly prepared from paraffin, oil, or petroleum base. Balms also have the same consistency as salves and to correct muscle soreness cbd topical balm benefits can be a win-win for you.

Transdermal Patches

Last but not least is the transdermal patches that have the highest and the best form of cannabis goodness. The effective results would not include potential psychoactive effects but can be miraculous to correct back pain. These patches are placed on the affected area and kept in place for 72 hours or more. You can get plain or scented patches as per your preference and at the manufacturer’s discretion.

All in all, all the topical varieties are available in a plethora of flavors and added goodness of essential oils. To add to the relaxation, lavender or citrus scents have proven to be added advantage. Be wise with your choice and buy from the best topicals in Canada like CannaMobile.

Benefits of Cannabis Topicals Canada

Offer Pain Relief

The first and foremost reason why people turn to marijuana or medical cannabis is its pain relief effects. There are pieces of evidence that explains how cannabis topicals relieve pain while minimizing inflammation. Most people in their adulthood are diagnosed with arthritis and researchers noted that CBD oil has minimal side effects in animals tested and does help with arthritis.

Aids to Migraines

Migraine patients are choosing topical products to correct their health. American Migraine Foundation found CBD oil helpful in coping with migraine symptoms such as joint stiffness and neck pain. Migraine sufferers who have prolonged migraine have eventually chosen cannabis over prescribed medications (This doesn’t replace the medical expert supervision.)


If you’re concerned about being aged, here’s the good news cannabis topicals help with aging issues too. The antioxidant present in cannabis products are vital and protects the cells from the damage caused by free radicals. The cause behind anti-aging can be multiple such as UV radiation or pollution that furthermore result in fine lines and make your skin look aged.

Antiseptic Properties

Topicals can be a good way to escape wounds and skin allergies. The antiseptic properties of THC and CBD are highly effective in overcoming poor skin conditions. Additionally, it kills MRSA and offers you fine skin. Cannabinoids like CBD and THC are packed with antimicrobial qualities that are again good for the skin and benefit it in the long run.

Corrects Acne

Acne is one such thing that can make anyone nervous if occurred continually and for a longer period of time. The most common cause of acne is excessive oil on the skin and researchers suggest CBD can help control the oil production on the skin. Also mentioned earlier, topicals consist of antiseptics which is again an ideal aid for acne skincare.


In the end, we can conclude that cannabis topicals are an exceptional deal for everyone looking to attain cannabis health benefits solely and not euphoric ones. Not only it is easily available but also easy to use, offered in varieties, and widely accepted to consume cannabis.

To get a catch of the best of topicals in Canada, shop from the best online dispensary in Canada, CannaMobile, and unleash the best benefits of cannabis.

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