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When we start talking about Cannabis- CBD, THC, Indica, and Sativa are the most common terms that strike our minds. However, there is so much more to Cannabis that people stay unaware of. Terpenes are one such compound present in cannabis that people are now getting to know.

Terpenes are responsible for making lavender smell pleasant and black pepper smell spicy flavor. In this blog, we’ve answered commonly asked questions such as what are terpenes, do they really affect CBD & THC levels to get you high, terpenes benefits, and a lot more.

Read on to know what’s the answer to your questions.

What exactly are Terpenes?

Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds responsible for plants’ distinct aromas and flavors. A terpene profile can affect the taste along with its enjoyability factor. In different types of cannabis strains, the terpene is the compound that decides the aroma and effects of the strain.

If you’re wondering, what are terpenes used for apart from the aroma & flavors? They act as guards for plants that prevent them from predators and help in attracting pollinators.

Terpenes are also present in various products we use in our daily lives, such as cleaning products, dyes, and pesticides. The terpenes found in such products are proven to be therapeutic for many users.

The terpene compounds can be easily found in:

  • Aromatic herbs
  • Cannabis
  • Citrus fruits

How do they affect your high?

It is important to note, you won’t get “high” solely with terpenes; however, they are slightly responsible for sensations and therapeutic benefits you aim to gain from cannabis products. Many believe that terpenes aren’t intoxicating but do have psychoactive effects.

Getting high majorly relies upon the therapeutic properties of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. Contrary to this, cannabis connoisseurs suggest paying more attention to terpenes’ profile than THC content in cannabis products. They believe focusing on terpenes present in the strain would be more helpful for attaining desired results.

Many researchers say that terpenes like linalool and myrcene consist of potential terpenes benefits such as anti-anxiety, relaxing, sedative, and calming effects. Henceforth, sticking to certain terpenes may become more beneficial for one than just looking into THC content.

Most common types of Terpenes

Do you know terpenes exist in hundred of types, each with a diversified composition? Here we’ve assorted most common types of terpenes that everyone should be familiar with:


Myrcene is a popular terpene you may have encountered if you regularly visit budtender. It is found in abundance in cannabis as well as in parsley, cardamom, basil, thyme, bay leaves, and lemongrass. The studies show it has sedative properties helpful for someone looking out for sleep, pain relief, and appetite.


If you ever had an itchy nose due to sniffing black pepper, beta-caryophyllene is at fault. It tends to be musky and spicy and can be found in different things such as hops, rosemary, cloves, and black pepper. Many cannabis consumers have found it helpful to correct inflammation and pain. It doesn’t cause any euphoric feelings or sensations, but it consists of potential terpenes benefits from active receptors.


Linalool is a pleasant terpene primarily found in lavender. The terpene may help with its anxiety-reducing, antidepressant, sedative, anti-inflammatory, and mood uplifting effects. You can also find linalool in rose, basil, and neroli oil. According to studies, linalool interacts with cannabis chemovars to offer anticonvulsant health benefits. Henceforth, it is a promising terpene that promotes good health.


Alpha-pinene is easily available in terpenes in larger amounts in nature, such as pine trees, Spanish sage, and of course, cannabis. With anti-anxiety reducing properties to the binding neurotransmitters sites in the brain, Pinene offers overall wellbeing.


Apart from Cannabis, Humulene is also present in ginseng and sage. It has got impressive anti-inflammatory benefits. The energizing effects make it one of the popular picks among cannabis connoisseurs.


Limonene is a famous terpene with citrus notes that is believed to have anti-cancer properties. It is also found to help deal with anxiety. You can find it in lemon and cannabis with considerable effects such as wound-healing and anti-bacterial.

Key points to choose the right Terpenes

Get your label right

Read, read, and read the label of cannabis products you’re going to get. There are no proven or definite ways to understand the terpenes based on the aroma and look, so sticking to the label is wise.

Look into the freshness

Knowing the freshness of cannabis products is good as synthetic terpenes degrade over a longer time. Getting products with a recent package date can be more helpful than old packaging.

Journalize the effects

Terpenes’ effects are not fully proven, so journalizing the effects you get from a specific terpene is a good choice. The terpene effects may vary from person to person, so keeping a record of effects can ease the hassle of choosing the top-shelf cannabis products for the desired outcome.

Note- The research on terpenes is still in its infancy. Henceforth, making any rigid claims would be difficult.

The final thoughts

Terpene is becoming a popular terminology in the cannabis community to distinguish cannabis products to attain maximum benefit. The answer to what is terpenes, a compound responsible for aroma and flavors while synergizing the compounds present in cannabis for psychoactive effects.

All in all, terpenes solely don’t decide your cannabis experience, but it is a prevalent part of the equation. Knowing terpenes would be helpful to elevate the cannabis experience. Choose the best cannabis products consisting of various terpenes at CannaMobile; order for yourself to have the buzzing time.

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