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The increasing legalization of cannabis makes people curious to educate themselves more about cannabis. Cannabis, also known as weed and marijuana, are dried leaves of the plant. This plant is further categorized into cannabis Sativa, cannabis Indica, and cannabis ruderalis. A plethora of options exists for consuming these cannabis plants, such as smoking, brewing them for a cup of tea, eating them orally, and more.

The most prevalent options in the cannabis community are smoking weed and ingesting edibles. However, people take them as the same kind of methods, but they are considerably different from one another. If you are a beginner to cannabis practices, these are five key differences between smoking vs. edible weed that you must know.

Before starting with differences already, understand what are edibles and weed smoking exactly.

What are Edibles?

Cannabis-infused food and beverages are known as weed edibles. These food and beverage come in a myriad of options such as chocolates, candies, mints, bakery goods, ice cream, refreshing drinks, and a lot more. These edibles are easy to consume and contain THC and CBD components. THC and CBD components found in edibles are two different components with distinct results. THC is popular for its mind-altering effects, whereas CBD promotes calmness in the mind.

The revolutionary technics used in the edibles industry have allowed edible manufacturers to come up with food products prepared from the whole plant as well consisting of flavonoids, terpenes, and other cannabinoids for a wholesome cannabis experience.

In addition, edibles deliver 10% to 20% THC, making them apt to add to your lifestyle and continue daily routines. Learn more about types of edibles and shop for the best quality from the CannaMobile online weed store with Calgary weed delivery options available.

What is Weed Smoking?

Smoking marijuana is a common way of consuming cannabis that has been practiced over the years by people to get high. Marijuana, when smoked, the smoke directly enters the bloodstream and makes it easier for one to get high. Smoking weed or flowers of your choice is easy but a strenuous concept at first, but once one gets familiar with it, there is no going back.

Smoking weed can deliver 50% to 70% THC high or psychoactive compound, which takes only a few minutes to hit. It is a promising method for a potential cannabis experience in less time.

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5 Key Elements that Make Smoking Weed and Edibles Different

  1. Method of Consumption

    Primarily, the method of consumption of edibles and smoking weed is quite different. The ingestion of edibles is processed in the stomach and liver, whereas smoking weed is absorbed by the liver and directly absorbed into the bloodstream. Oral consumption of edibles is easy to do and subsequently makes it a popular option among lazy tokers and beginners certainly. Smoking weed or flower of choice requires being involved in the bong process to experience the cannabis throughly, making it a little complex to get used to for beginners.

  2. Time to Kick In

    Smoking weed makes you experience the high in a short span of 15-20 minutes. On the contrary, edibles take up to two to three hours to show their effects. Inhalation of weed is reportedly the best method to opt for if you want the instant kick of cannabis. Edibles need to be digested to show their effects and can deliver THC up to 10% to 20%. Lungs directly absorb smoke which enters the bloodstream delivering the THC effect as high as 50% to 60%. Henceforth, smoking weed can make you experience cannabis effects faster, whereas edibles are time-taking.

  3. After Effects

    The after-effects of the edibles and smoking weed vary markedly as smoking weed takes up to 15-20 minutes to hit and has a high that lasts 10 minutes or an hour. Ingesting edibles can take up to one or two hours for high to peak, which results in a high of three hours. Inhaling weed is a fast practice of getting high, but with a shorter time of effects; however, edibles can keep you high for longer, adding to your cannabis experience. The ones who love to enjoy weed faster find smoking weed the ideal deal for themselves.

  4. Spectrum of Choices

    The spectrum of choices that edibles offer is overwhelming. From traditional pot brownies to innovative options like gummies, chocolates, mints, beverages, and what not is the part of cannabis edibles that one can enjoy. Weed smoking has a limited set of choices compared to edibles, which is one of the benefits of edibles. Needless to say, extensive strain type does exist that makes smoking fun for tokers.

  5. Side Effects

    There is an abundance of goodness related to cannabis, but there are some setbacks too. When you inhale the cannabis, it directly enters the lungs, which may lead to a daily cough and may cause you to be “high” more than what you expected as it delivers 50% to 70% psychoactive effects. Talking about edibles, it delivers less high, but one might get involved in overdosing as it takes considerable time to kick in, making people get involved in overdosing. Therefore, to avoid side effects, it is important to stick to a low dosage if you’re a beginner and understand how high your body can handle.

The Final Verdict

Educating oneself about cannabis can be an extensive and time-taking task to do. Among the spectrum of options available to consume cannabis, edibles and smoking weed remains the prevalent ones surely. Among numerous differences between edibles and smoking weed, the experience is all that matters, after all. It is important to understand the good and bad of both methods and opt for the one that does better for you.

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