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First times are always special when it comes to weed. If you’ve interacted with experienced stoners, you’ll know that they’ve plethora of weed smoking stories, some hilarious some tragic.

But if you’re looking to make your first time toking up weed experience memorable & pleasing, don’t you worry!

To take the learning curve up, we’ve come with most crucial first time smoking weed tips, tricks and what to expect when first time smoking weed. Read on to find best ways to curate pleasurable cannabis experience.

What does it feel like to smoke weed for the first time?

Cannabis effects may vary from person to person, so it is better not to underestimate them. As mentioned above, every stoner has different stories about their first times with weed, so judging your experience wouldn’t be easy. To make it less severe and relaxing, some tips may be worthwhile.

Positive Impressions- Feeling euphoric, amused, creative, giggly, sensitive to light, color, sound, taste & smell.

Negative Impressions- Feeling anxious, delusional, hallucinating, high blood pressure, nausea & vomiting, panic, paranoia, psychosis, and confusion.

After the first puff, if you’re feeling uneasy make sure to take a deep breath. Remember, it may be because of the weed and the feeling will pass away soon.

Tips for first time smoking weed

Whether you’re smoking weed before bed or in the middle of the day, the below-mentioned tips can come in handy, certainly.

1) Less THC is the best.

THC is a popular cannabinoid present in cannabis that helps with psychoactive effects. It is better to opt for the ideal THC: CBD ratio which is lower or balanced THC to witness a pleasing experience. To attain the desired effects of smoking weed, sticking with low THC is wise. See how your body reacts to weed and gradually increase the dosage if it suits you well. You can ask the budtender to recommend the cannabis strains suitable for first-time weed smokers.

2) Choose edibles, concentrates, or a plain joint.

There is a wide variety of smoking options available like joints, blunts, bowls, vapes, bongs, and more. Start with a plain joint, different type of edibles, or concentrates, as these are hassle-free options in contrast to blunts, bongs, apple, and other varieties. Borrow a freshly rolled joint from your friend rather than making one for yourself.

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3) Drink plenty of water.

One piece of advice that works for everyone smoking weed is to drink plenty of water. Becoming cotton-mouthed is a common thing that happens due to smoking weed. Having multiple hydrating options and drinking them in between puff sessions will keep your mouth moist. Pre-hydrating is one such good practice to follow up.

4) Get yourself a buddy.

It’s good to smoke weed with a trusted being. Getting high while being alone isn’t a great thing, especially when you’re new to the substance. Being unaware of the effects of marijuana may lead you to mayhem, so it is advisable to get yourself a buddy.

5) Let the surroundings loosen you up.

It is important to loosen up yourself with the needful changes in the surroundings. To begin with, listening to soothing music is a good practice that can be accompanied by some scented candles (if you want), or do whatever you love doing to relax. Having the right mood allows you to reap all the benefits of marijuana potentially.

Top Cannabis Strains for first time smoking weed

We’ve looked into what practices are best to practice for the long-lasting pleasure of weed smoking. To simplify the hassle of choosing the top-shelf cannabis products, we’ve got a list of strains one should try as a beginner.

To take the learning curve up, we’ve come with most crucial first time smoking weed tips, tricks and what to expect when first time smoking weed. Read on to find best ways to curate pleasurable cannabis experience.


Harlequin is a unique cannabis strain with soothing properties, a perfect fit for newbies. It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a decent CBD: THC ratio of 5:2. The strain allows you to relax, alleviates your pain, and sums up a memorable experience of first-time smoking weed. The musky tones and exotic flavor will get you hooked without a doubt.

The THC percentage may vary from 7% to 15%, but its CBD counteracts THC’s psychoactive effects effectively.

God’s Gift

As the name suggests, the strain is an ideal deal for folks who love mediating, introspection and calming experiences. The strain has higher THC levels of 16% so, one must be conscious of the dose. The limonene terpene in it alters your weed smoking experience to utter calmness with blissful effects. The dreamy traits of strain with sleepy effects literally proves the strain to be a God’s Gift.

Blue Dream

Blue dream is a popular weed strain for smoking. Its balanced and euphoric effects give the smoker a mellow experience with full-body relaxation. The blueberry, earthy, and berry flavors in it make one feel emotions such as relaxation, happy & uplifted.

The THC levels in the strain may vary from 15% to 27%, with 2% of CBD. Having it during your first time weed smoking can be a good choice.

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Named after the happening reggae music, dancehall is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain. It has a sweet and fruity flavors and it’s available with hint of earthy tones. For the first weed session it is amazing, fun to try, relieving, stimulating high and effective. Dancehall can be stronger as compared to other strains in the list so be sure to go with small doses.

Talking about its appearance, it is neon green in color and bright golden hairs add to the liveliness of the bud. It has a relative ratio of CBD: THC that can go up from 9% to 15%.

Aliens on Moonshine

The bizarre aroma of the bud has made it popular among cannabis connisseurs. The sweet & savory flavor of Aliens on Moonshine is a good thing to start smoking with. It is an indica dominant strains with 18% CBD and 9% THC making it optimal for medical uses. Without making you feel dizzy, it uplifts the smoker after a few puffs only.

For those who don’t want to lose their conscious completely with cannabis effects can go ahead with this strain, certainly. It corrects pain, keeps you functional by calming and clearing the clutter in the head.

In the end…

Hopefully, the info shared above comes in handy for you to sum up pleasurable first time smoking weed time. Try to live in the present without expecting too much. Stick to needful tips such as hydrating enough, listening good music, letting the experienced roll a joint for you and more.

Remember to find the right quality bud from trusted online dispensaries like CannaMobile and let the joy enliven in you!

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