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Consuming cannabis through edibles has been a favorite for many recently. This alternative not only provides health and recreational benefits, but there are also numerous types of edibles to choose from.

The long-lasting effects of edibles make them a popular choice among cannabis consumers. Even more popular than vaping and smoking at times. It’s also easier and more convenient to take in. However, several things should be kept in mind to ensure healthy edible consumption.

So, before you call for weed edibles delivery in Vancouver , Canada, here are some things you should know and remember to consume edibles safely.

What are cannabis edibles?

Cannabis edibles, or edibles for short, are cannabinoid-infused foods or beverages. They look, feel, and, most of the time, smell like regular food.

However, they are far from average as they contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). These are chemical compounds found in cannabis that bring physiological and psychological effects. The former can be intoxicating, and the latter is not. Cannabis can improve one’s mood, relieve stress, relax, and manage pain and inflammation, depending on the strain.

Edibles must go through the digestive system before the body can absorb them. This explains its delayed effect compared to other cannabis consumption methods like smoking, vaping, and inhaling. You may have to wait 15 to 30 minutes to feel relaxed or high.

However, edibles have advantages that take work to bargain. It may be slow, but it has among the most potent effect on the body. Depending on the dose, its effects last longer — from two hours to a whole day.

What types of cannabis edibles are there?

You can buy different cannabis edibles online and offline, but you can also make one at home.

Homemade edibles include milk, tea, cookies, butter, oil, baked goods, or even ice cream. You can buy some of these homemade cannabis-infused products readily from cannabis stores. Here are the types of daily edibles you can buy in the Vancouver market:

  • Gummies – sweet and chewy products that come in fun sizes and colors
  • Candies – looks and texture are like regular flavored candy you can melt in your mouth
  • Mints –  lower in sugar option that freshens your breath at the same time
  • Chocolates – white, dark, or regular ones infused with THC and CBD
  • Snacks – non-sweet edibles like biscuits, chips, and pretzels
  • Drinks – sparkling water, canned soda, tea, and even beer

How to Ensure Safety When Taking In Edibles

Edibles very well look like regular food and drinks. So, if you’re not careful, you may ingest more edibles than you need. Or, if you have, your children may mistake edibles for regular chocolates and beverages.

Follow these steps before consuming edibles:

1. Read the label

Reading the label is especially important if it’s your first time trying edibles. Again, edibles take longer to take effect, and you can’t reverse them once it does. Read how much THC and CBD content the product has.

As a beginner, experts recommend you ingest no more than 2 mg of THC and 5 mg of CBD. Read carefully, as some doses may confuse you and the rules.

2. Consider where you are in the next hours

One drawback of edibles is their delayed effects. If you’re going somewhere in the next two hours, consider whether or not to continue taking edibles. You would not want to suddenly feel high while in the middle of the road, driving and putting other road users at risk.

3. Store your edibles properly

If you have children and pets, this is especially important. Edibles look so much like the sweets they eat. Children may not think twice and throw your sweet, edible candy straight into their mouths when they see one. The effects of cannabis digestion on children are frightening; they cause serious problems. Label them properly and keep them away from children’s reach.

4. Purchase only from licensed dispensaries in Vancouver

Purchasing Indica or Sativa edibles in Vancouver pose no, so long as you purchase from licensed dispensaries like Cannamobile. The most significant safety edible consumption measure is by purchasing safe cannabis products. This way, you can make sure your edibles undergo proper testing before going on sale. You can only guarantee that with licensed dispensaries.

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The Process of Consuming Edibles

After taking in the safety measure, here’s how to properly and safely consume edibles, whether you’re a beginner or connoisseur.

1. Start low

When you’re done reading the label, take only the recommended dose for beginners (2mg THC, 5mg CBD). Remember that THC can make you high while CBD does no more than a relaxing, calm effect. Take that into consideration choosing what type of edibles to take in.

2. Wait for the cannabis to take effect

Be patient. It’s normal not to feel something immediately after you eat a gummy. The cannabis isn’t digested yet. Don’t get impatient by taking another one to speed up the effect. Wait for atleast 2 hours before taking another. Or, in a beginner’s case, it would be best if you sleep first before taking another one. The effect might stay with you for 10-plus hours.

3. Start slow

Work your way up from the recommended dose. Don’t rush the process, and listen to your body. Not every dose works for everyone’s body. Finding your ideal dosage also involves the type of edible consumed, so take note of that.

Health Benefits of Cannabis Edibles

The effects of cannabis on the body have been a long-standing debate, and studies are still ongoing. In many states and countries, however, cannabis has become legal for medical and recreational use, proving its beneficial effects.

A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that cannabis-based products may have helped with positive improvements in chronic pain and dizziness. The study still needs further research, but the primary conclusion states this result.

Cannabis has also been associated lot with managing stress and anxiety. The use of cannabis for such purposes is common – even more common than recreational use. One study, though premature, has had positive data on the role of cannabis in managing anxiety disorders. It says that cannabis may be effective in reducing anxiety.

To Summarize

Cannabis edibles are one way of consuming cannabis. Aside from smoking and vaping, this method has gained popularity for years. One must do it cautiously, as with any other weed consumption method.

Always be mindful of the amount of THC and CBD in the edibles before taking them in. Always start low and progress slowly. And, to keep your children and pets safe, always label and store your cannabis edibles responsibly.

Most importantly, purchase only from licensed stores and distilleries in Vancouver. Choose only the most trusted cannabis delivery service in Vancouver for your weed edibles.

CannaMobile makes sure your products are delivered safely, fast, and discreetly. You can also ensure your edibles have the accurate potency and dose. No other safety measure tops this kind of guarantee.

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