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Cannabis is hailed for offering remarkable benefits and easing the mind. Among the great benefits of cannabis, cottonmouth is one thing that becomes troublesome for many. Cottonmouth is defined as the dry mouth caused due to smoking weed. It is a common side effect of smoking cannabis due to the limited secretion of saliva by the salivary glands that further leads to a scratchy throat, sticky mouth, and a coarse feeling.

This doesn’t mean you’ve to give up on consuming cannabis; take a look at the below-mentioned potential methods that you can prevent dry mouth to an extent. Before digging deep into ways to correct cottonmouth, let’s understand what it is and its related aspects.

Cannabis and Cottonmouth- What is it?

What is cottonmouth? Cottonmouth is simply understood as the drying of the mouth due to the consumption of cannabis. At first, many believed that thick smoke due to the burning of cannabis leads to cottonmouth. After the legalization of cannabis, multiple ways to consume cannabis than smoking were introduced, such as vaping, edibles, concentrates, oil, and more. However, the problem of a scratchy throat and cottonmouth still remained.

Do edibles give you cottonmouth? Probably yes, scientists discovered that smoking cannabis is not a cause of cottonmouth. So, edibles can also be one of the causes of cottonmouth in your scenario.

The scientific name of cottonmouth is xerostomia, and as per a report by Juan Pablo Prestifilippo published in 2006, the causes of cotton mouth is a result of the decrease in saliva secretion as cannabinoid receptors present in salivary glands get bounded by receptors furtherance, saliva secretion is limited.

Tips to Avoid Cottonmouth!

Cottonmouth is a prevalent thing that is supposed to be a consequence of limited saliva production. We’ve got the right answers to how to get rid of cotton mouth; learn more from our handpicked list of tips:

Chew Some Gums

Cottonmouth can have many causes, but saliva stimulation is the goal for ultimate relief from scratchy throat caused due to dry mouth. A single strip of chewing gum can increase saliva production by ten times. Sugarless gum is best for dry mouth. If you don’t prefer chewing gums, opt for dried fruit or beef jerks which are ideal alternatives.

Chug Good Enough Water

Drink enough water. Sipping water is the finest cotton mouth weed remedy and practice to do when smoking cannabis. Keeping yourself hydrated with fluids sounds obvious, but ensure to have small sips in between; it allows you to be comfortable throughout the cannabis consumption. In addition, don’t go for cold beers as it would worsen the cottonmouth. Alcohol is known to dehydrate over time owing to its diuretic effects. Henceforth, keep a glass of water in your hand while smoking cannabis to ease your dry mouth.

Curb the Caffeine

Caffeine and weed can be adventurous and make you high the best way. However, this combination is nothing less than hippie speedball as you end up feeling mellow and drier mouth than usual. Therefore, it is advised not to consume coffee, sodas, green tea, dark chocolate, or caffeinated drinks.

Opt for Hard Candies

As shared above, saliva stimulation is the goal, and hard candies can be great to meet one. The salivating becomes hassle-free by having such hard candies, so if you want to suck on a popsicle or hard candy will surely work. If you are concerned with the side effects of edibles due to the sugary content in them, it is not a thing to worry about.

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Breathe Through Your Nose

Breathing is an important thing that can help to rectify cottonmouth. When we are high, it is challenging to keep up with conscious breathing, so breathe in and out through the nose during that time. Keeping the nasal passages moist and warm by breathing through your nose is beneficial in such cases. However, mouth breathing is likely to cause cottonmouth and make you feel uncomfortable.

Maintain Your Oral Hygiene

When smoking cannabis, keeping a check on your oral hygiene is essential. There is mouthwash especially provided to correct cottonmouth. In addition, regular mouthwash may contain alcohol which is not so ideal for cottonmouth. Before buying anything for your oral hygiene, do your research and choose cottonmouth-specific oral hygiene products.

Avoid Smoking Tobacco

When wondering what is good for dry mouth? Smoking is certainly not on the list. Smoking cigarettes or cigars is a strict no for cottonmouth as it causes speaking and swallowing difficulties. While smoking, there is a passage of hot and dry air via the mouth and throat, resulting in an exacerbating condition for one.

The Final Thought

To conclude, cottonmouth, aka xerostomia, is a condition of limited secretion of saliva by salivary glands. In order to overcome cottonmouth or dry mouth, it is advised to opt for more fluids, less caffeinated products, and avoid alcohol. If anytime the problem of cottonmouth arises, you can look up these points and combat the cottonmouth.

Cannabis smoking cannot be alone put to blame for cottonmouth as it can be a consequence of many such things. Although the cottonmouth is not a severe problem and is considered harmless, the discomfort can be annoying. It is advisable to limit drugs that cause dehydration and have cannabis in moderation.

As you are now familiar with ways to correct cottonmouth, order your favorite weed edibles in Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver from CannaMobile and enjoy the high.

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