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New Studies On CBD

Searching through the internet for accurate information nowadays is one of the most challenging things to do. While there are some perennially reputable sources that offer accurate, knowledgeable information, many simply spread unfounded, irresponsible “facts” that offer completely the wrong advice to those in need. It is essential that for subjects such as studies on CBD, a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, that people hear the correct information, as there are many who wish to use it for medical purposes. To ensure that our readers are receiving accurate information on CBD, we have compiled the 5 very latest studies on the cannabinoid…and some of the results are quite remarkable.

1.CBD Can Suppress Long-Term Fear Memories

Studies on CBD – ptsd

In a July 2017 study published in the Journal of Neuropharmacology, it was observed that CBD had the ability suppress long term memories, which is sure to excite those who are using cannabis to help with their Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

During the study, the test subjects short-term fear memories were not suppressed but long-term memories were, indicating that CBD directly interacts with the dorsal hippocampus.

2. CBD Can Improve The Life Of Some Epilepsy Patients

Studies on CBD – epilepsy

In a study from August 2017, published by the National Centre of Epilepsy in Ecuador, revealed that CBD can improve the lives of patients with refractory epilepsy and regular seizures.

15 patients with serious epilepsy were asked to record results over one month when using CBD. The results are phenomenal:

40% reported a decrease in seizures 27% reported a complete disappearance of seizures 43% reported improvements in the eating habits 60% reported an improvement in speech 50% reported an improvement in sleep 100% reported an improvement of mood.

The only downsides that patients recorded were drowsiness and fatigue at some points throughout the day.

3. CBD Has A Significant Affect On Pain

Studies on CBD – operation

A study by the Sao Paulo Department of Neuroscience published in June 2017 revealed that CBD influences the brain’s response to pain.

The animal subjects were injected with CBD and then subjected to pain through incision. The results showed that rats were in significantly less pain when CBD was introduced to their bodies. This suggests that CBD could be incorporated into pain relief management, especially pain associated with incision-type injuries.

4. CBD Has The Ability Reduce Blood Pressure

Studies on CBD – blood pressure

In a report published by the University of Nottingham, England in June 2017, CBD was found to reduce blood pressure in healthy humans.

The study conducted tests on nine healthy male volunteers. Each was given 600mg of CBD. The results showed that the cannabinoid reduced blood pressure during rest, while also reducing blood pressure when the heart rate rises.

5. CBD Can Help With Reducing Anxiety And Improving Confidence

Studies on CBD – public speaking

In a report published in May 2017 by the Sao Paulo Department of Neuroscience, CBD was shown to have anxiolytic effects in a number of human subjects.

During testing, 12 volunteers were asked to take part in public speaking, with and without CBD in the body. The results showed a significant drop in heart rate, blood pressure and general anxiety when CBD had been consumed compared to when it hadn’t.

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