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Do you know Chhech & Chong-watching stoners considered marijuana 100% safe? It is used in cooking too. If you are a marijuana enthusiast, you should know a few interesting and useful facts about it. Unfortunately, the buzz around marijuana has created some myths too. The internet is flooded with numerous marijuana myths, and this post will debunk those myths with marijuana facts

Today, we’re stepping in and putting these myths ablaze. Just stay with us until the final sentence of this post, and we’ll show the brighter side of marijuana. Then, we are going to bust ten common myths of marijuana spreading like a fire on the internet for decades.

Myth 1: Marijuana Isn’t anymore Strong as It Used to Be Before

If you research marijuana facts and myths on the internet, you’ll find the THC concentration in marijuana is higher than before. If you deeply research plant physiology, marijuana is bred with plants to increase the THC concentration, but that doesn’t mean the youth is getting higher like their parents back in the 60s and 70s.

In reality, the current marijuana smokers are taking less weed for achieving the same high.

As per some official studies, marijuana potency has decreased in the last ten years. And the new-age weed comprises higher content of marijuana flowers. Subsequently, the new-age marijuana is relatively stronger than what your parents consumed back in the 50s and 60s.

Myth 2: Synthetic Marijuana Is Safe

If you read the list of Marijuana information and facts, it has been claimed that synthetic marijuana is safe to consume. However, people commonly refer to synthetic marijuana as fake weed, and K2 is 100 times more harmful than natural marijuana; one cannot consume it directly. Instead, it has to be hard-pressed multiple times to make it safer for consumption.

The basic facts about marijuana claim that synthetic marijuana can be used as a nail varnish remover. Synthetic marijuana is promoted as the legal and safer version and used during studies related to finding the effects of marijuana on mental health.

Excessive use can be dangerous, and a few prefer to pot smoke, which is quite the same as tobacco smoke. So, the point is risks pop up from smoking; only that doesn’t mean you can’t use marijuana. There are always some other factors often connected to using some other drugs. A report confirms there is no proof available that proves marijuana is casually responsible for subsequent misapplication of other illegitimate drugs.

Myth 3: Marijuana Cannot Be Used in Cooking

You can use marijuana in many ways to obtain recreation and enjoyment. Instead of vaping, people can also try it to cook delicious dishes. From baking cookies to preparing unique desserts, you can use them for many cooking purposes. The THC of cooked marijuana is different from natural weed.

Myth 4: Marijuana Isn’t Addictive

As we’re discussing the Marijuana facts breaking down the myths, this one is very important. You can try marijuana for recreation, though it can be addictive in such cases. Marijuana has many antioxidants, which can neutralize free radicals. So, you can try it occasionally and enjoy the pleasure of healing your stress.

Myth 5: Marijuana Causes Inflammation

THC is the best component inside the marijuana plant. Consuming authentic marijuana leaves under limits can deliver some strong anti-inflammatory properties to your body. The anti-inflammatory properties of marijuana help in the recovery phase. As a result, please don’t follow the fake myths about cannabis blindly.

Myth 6: Marijuana Decreases Your Appetite

Instead of following thecannabis facts and myths, look at the biochemical composition. For example, raw cannabis leaves are high in various minerals, fibres, and vitamins.

As per the biochemical composition, raw cannabis leaves comprise Vitamin K, Calcium, Folate, Iron, and vitamin C. Furthermore, cannabis is a rich source of fiber. These vitamins and fiber play an important role in maintaining your body’s appetite. So, according to new research, it can help treat people for appetite loss during chronic illness. According to Washington State University, specific parts of our brain shift to ‘hungry’ mode under the influence.

Myth 7: Marijuana Doesn’t Have Antioxidants

Antioxidants protect your body from daily stress and damage. When you consume marijuana leaves raw or cooked, you get the right amount of antioxidants to your body. However, getting these antioxidants majorly depends on how you’re consuming marijuana. One of the best forms of marijuana available on Cannamobile is the Ice Age- El Chivo Exotics.

Myth 8: Marijuana Makes You Anxious

Overdose of anything, even over-consuming water, is bad for your health. As we discuss the various facts about marijuana, you need to understand that overdosing can be harmful. Overdosing can make you feel anxious, tired, and sleepy. 

Smoking marijuana in controlled amounts can help the person relax and calm down. However, it may take some time to take effect. When people are not patient, they may take higher doses. Overdosing on marijuana can become a bad habit and later lead to addiction.

Myth 9: Marijuana Gives Nightmares

Undoubtedly marijuana disrupts the REM sleep late stages. However, marijuana is a blessing for PTSD patients. Many studies show that PTSD patients consuming marijuana leaves within limits don’t experience many nightmares. Though, some research is still required on this topic to prove similar medical marijuana facts.

Myth 10: Marijuana Takes You Closer to Alcohol Addiction

A study in 2018 claims marijuana can be helpful for people suffering from alcohol and drug abuse. Another study found that marijuana is effective in reducing stress-induced cravings.

In The End…

There is one thing to note – there are many medical marijuana facts and information to believe. When you’re getting relief from marijuana, don’t abuse this substance. If you seek top-quality marijuana, you can find it at Cannamobile. Consuming weed in moderation is recommended to stay away from these myths and experience the advantages.

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